Many IT Corporate companies like MNC and Start-Up companies using bio-metric attendance system to increase employees productivity.

The fingerprint attendance system is commonly used biometric technology nowadays. Know the important facts behind this biometric system and how it works.

How actually fingerprint attendance system works?

There are many biometric device types (facial recognition, voice recognition, retina scan, hand geometry and vein) using for identification. So the fingerprint system is the most common devices to using major companies.

It is used to identify the exact person and stored data which determine employees are clocking-In and Clocking-Out of Office.

Fingerprint scan starts the process before the door unlocks. Each person has a unique fingerprint and all fingerprints are pre-scanned & registered in the system. Once the employee clock in the and fingerprint scanner will map out the fingerprint endpoints.

When an employee is a punch in fingerprint pattern then the system starts to match in the pattern & ridges from the pre-scanned already registered fingerprint images. Once the match is found, the person is then identified successfully.

These are system processing based on mathematical representation and images not saved in the system only binary code is used for verification.

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