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Every bank must give guarantee the safety and security of its employees, customers, resources, private properties, and protect the internal & external threats. Nowadays the need for CCTV surveillance measures is increasing more than ever in India. Drastically rise in security threats has propelled banks to prioritize the adoption of advanced surveillance techniques. Increasing crime rates and increasing instances of more security breaches, massive loss of human life, information, and assets.

In India major dealers of the electronic security market. So, they offering all world-class video surveillance system. Banking sectors highly recommend video surveillance systems to provide security to their building, maintain cash management & locker room, monitor customers’ activity inside the bank, and staff activities. In research all over in India CCTV camera market sales grow 27.16% from 2016 to 2020.

India’s total video surveillance market which was reported to be around $ 1.55 billion in 2015 is expected to reach $8 billion by 2022 while growing at CAGR of 22.96% during the forecast period from 2015 to 2022.

12 Effective Benefits of CCTV Surveillance Systems in Banks

1. Deter Robberies:

Deter Robberies:

Banks being guaranteed customer money, banks continue to monitor high stake targets for criminals looking for a big payout. Banks Properly maintain video surveillance step acts as a deterrent to robbers and worst-case scenarios. It provides crucial footage like images and videos that act as important evidence for law enforcement.

2. Crime Investigation:

With the help of the surveillance footage often get the evidence to speed up the investigation. It used to identify and track down suspects.

3. Fraud Check:


IP CCTV Camera with advanced video analytics is a big aid in establishing fraud checks at banks by recording all transaction data and capturing images stored in NVR Or DVR device its help to found the offenders. The employees fear getting caught in any manipulation activities since the information can be used to identify offenders and helps to protect customers’ accounts.

4. Suspicious ATM withdrawals

Suspicious ATM withdrawals

This is not uncommon for bank customers to report suspicious ATM withdrawals where money has been taken from their account without their knowledge using illegal act. Bank CCTV cameras, which record every ATM transaction in village and city ATMs, can provide answers in such situations.

5. Control Multiple Locations of Branches

Control Multiple Locations of Branches

A modern bank CCTV surveillance system allows footage from multiple branches in all over India to be transmitted to a central monitoring room, or viewed over the internet. This makes audits and controls very easy, secured all assets.

6. Intelligent CCTV Camera Functionality:

Intelligent CCTV Camera Functionality

Intelligent CCTV cameras with video analytics and advanced sensors used to prevent illegal activities. i.e vibration, motion, glass break, smoke, heat detection, etc. can be used to effectively identify and abnormal activity around the building.

7. Alarm System Integrate with CCTV Camera:

This is a new-age surveillance system that facilitates the integration of bank security cameras with the alarm system into a single network. It will make security systems more prompt and very useful function in banks.

8. Digital Storage

Using NVR & DVR devices, Storage and management of surveillance footage are more efficient, convenient, and accessible, allowing for advanced techniques that help in pinpointing specific incidents and identifying suspects with great speed and accuracy.

9. Continuous Surveillance

Bank CCTV cameras allow for continuous surveillance of banking facilities, CCTV Cameras in banks providing protection outside of typical workday hours. This is especially helpful for ATMs because ATM accessed by customers 24 hours a day.

10. Data Recognition

CCTV Surveillance systems that use digital technology are capable of advanced forms of footage data recognition, which prove useful in searching the video footage for bank transactions and images of particular individuals person.

11. Remote Access

IP Camera allows for remote monitoring of live and archived video footage from NVR or DVR device with an internet connection & access to the network.

12. Enhanced Customer Confidence:

Customers at the heart of every bank, Customers prefer always trustful bank for deposit money. Concern for every bank accepting the life earnings of customers remains their confidence and trust in the bank. So, banks provide more secured to customer’s assets. An effective bank surveillance system goes a long way in enhancing this sense of security and boosting public image and credibility.

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