CCTV Camera Installation In Chennai
CCTV Camera Installation In Chennai

Nowadays installing CCTV Cameras is most needed security solutions for all business due to the deterrent effect to avoiding robberies and suspicious activities.

In Chennai city, the police department is initiated to launched the campaign two years ago and named the campaign “Third eye” started 1 year ago now completed half of the city.

Third Eye
Third Eye CCTV Camera

The main thought of the Chennai city police department reducing crimes in the city after installing the CCTV cameras and avoiding lot misdeed in Chennai city.

Fixing CCTV camera in the city mainly traffic signals, railway stations, bus stand, temples, shopping malls, movie theatres and parking lot.

Mostly theft on bike parking and chain snatching in more people’s living public areas at the time CCTV footage help for police to catching robbers. So easy Chennai city police claim they have nabbed a suspect who went on a chain-snatching with the help CCTV footage.

Reasons For Installing CCTV Cameras

  • Control Your Business From Anywhere
  • Avoid Possible For Robberies
  • Protections And Surveillance 24 hours a day

How To Buy A CCTV Camera System And Kits?

There is a lot of CCTV Cameras available in Indian market based on indoor and outdoor use.

cctv camera in chennai
CCTV Cameras

IP Cameras And Analog Cameras:

In IP Cameras has various types of models and price ranges available and analogue cameras have multi types of models & prices available.

Categories Of IP Cameras:

  • IP Bullet Camera
  • IP Dome Camera
  • IP PTZ Camera

Categories Of Analog CCTV Cameras:

  • Analog Bullet Camera
  • Analog Dome Camera
  • Analog PTZ Camera

Specification Of IP Bullet Camera: The bullet camera price starts from Rs.3000+Tax and good quality of IP camera more reliability performance. Ip camera shape looks like cylindrical shape with bullet shell and used outdoor use mostly.

Specification Of IP Dome Camera: The IP Dome Camera price starts from Rs.3500+Tax and good quality of Ip dome camera more reliability performance. Ip dome camera shape looks like dome shape with vandal proof and has varied options such as 2MP, 4MP, 6MP, & 8MP which all type of cameras price started with Rs.3500+Tax.

Specification Of IP PTZ Camera: The IP PTZ Camera used for both outdoor and indoor usage price start from Rs.4500+Tax. PTZ Camera has pan, tilt and zoom functionality that is used to remotely control and monitoring all edge & corners in video footage.

Specification Of Analog Bullet Camera: Analog bullet camera looks small cylindrical shape which is a record to images and transfers to NVR Or DVR recorder. analogue bullet camera price starts from Rs. 6000+Tax and used for outdoor usage. Analog bullet camera mostly fixed in the edge of the building because it’s very well to capturing footage very long range with high resolution using only fewer cables.

Analog Dome And PTZ Camera: Dome cameras all fixed mostly in indoor use because it covers edge and corner of the inside building. Also one benefit for dome camera comparing to IP camera where the lenses are pointed it means unable to find the camera which places currently capturing footage.

Analog PTZ Camera has tremendous specification is covering the footage not missing around the designated area and capture high-resolution footage. it means covers 360 degrees.

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