cctv camera installation in chennai 2

Installing CCTV Cameras in a public place all over Chennai city and Tamil Nadu helps to monitoring the people movement and against visit outsider state & Chennai city peoples. CCTV Surveillance helps to police prevent the COVID-19 community spreads.

CCTV cameras help police in spotting crowds

Chennai police department said CCTV cameras help to spot crowds and also not only solving cases of crime that the electronic eye has been helping police.

Our Special team tasked with monitoring the unnecessary movement of people on the public place, main road, shops and village areas during the lockdown period and enforcing prohibitory orders under section 144 as part of it are catching it easy.

And Chennai police department said our special thanks to CCTV Camera installed ATM kiosks, banks, jewellery shops, CCTV installation dealers & others.

Anyone is caught on CCTV roaming outside without any appropriate reasons and the police take immediate action file cases at the spot. So 24/7 monitoring the city with the help of CCTV footage and also police use drone cameras to monitoring the city.

Installed the CCTV in Chennai city every 50m on junctions such as kathipara flyover, Butt road, Nandambakkam, Ramapuram, Mugalivakkam and Porur.

This CCTV Camera Campaign already three years before “Third Eye” now the system helps to police prevent the violation in section 144 period.

During this COVID-19 lockdown period unable to monitoring the public property and private property but the CCTV Surveillance system really helps to all property owner like jewellery shops, banks, commercial office building and Shopping malls.

In Vandalur Zoo CCTV camera installed at every animal enclosure, so monitoring them around the clock and able to detect if there is even a slight change in inside the zoo.

Now, Chennai city allowed in COVID-19 read zone. So, the government announced to monitor CCTV Cameras every streets & area about the public movement to prevent the Coronavirus spread in the city.

Newly more areas to installed CCTV and Those areas under CCTV watch, Tondiarpet, Tilakar Nagar, Senniamman Koil street, Bharathi Nagar in Korukkupet, Power Kuppam In kasimedu and other areas.

So, Nowadays CCTV Cameras is essential usages in Chennai city for monitoring public moments and Control coronavirus community spreads. People all Stay home & stay Safe get back your healthy Chennai city.

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