cctv camera in classroom

All private sectors schools plan to install CCTV cameras in classrooms and also parents will access the live feed & password will be protected.

Police department statement came after the supreme court dismissed public interest litigation(PIL) challenging the Tamil Nadu government’s decision to install closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the classroom of Chennai schools.

The live streaming feed of the classroom will only be made available to parents, Tamil Nadu government plan to install CCTV camera all public sector schools also. Parents only have the secured password for a smartphone for a limited period of time daily without any audio.

Now, teachers, parents, and students are happy with the latest initiative and our government will prove the skeptics wrong once again like it has done repeatedly on the initiative in the field of education.

Why CCTV Camera is So important for schools?

CCTV surveillance is convenient and foolproof safeguarding method. CCTV footage has helped CCTV footage helps to police the school student robbed cases.

CCTV cameras in a classroom is a good one, this will not only serve a deterrent to social vices among the student’s bit will also as a correctional measure put in place.

After, installing CCTV cameras in classrooms parent will be so happy and have that confidence that their children are in school while they can also tp inti live feed.

Also, parents know the quality of educations teachers being delivered to their child.

Usage of the school management: To score the performance of teachers by rating the quality of teaching is to the students and must check classrooms are maintained discipline among students while lecture and coordinate their activities.

6-Reasons For Installing CCTV Camera In Schools

1. Keep a check on who is coming and going:


Install CCTV cameras on all entrances and exit ways of school helps to monitor the management to see who is coming and who is going.

2. To Watch the teachers:

CCTV cameras in classrooms and on the corridors keep an eye on teachers as well as students.

3. Helps to avoid bullying:

A simple solution to safeguard the future of a child is to install CCTV cameras in schools which will prevent such activities in school.

4. Anti-theft agent:

CCTV Surveillance installation in school helps management and parents to see all activities taking place within the premises. Nowadays, thefts can be many things.

For example theft in schools: Government board exam questions paper stolen from the staff room and scoring marks illegally.

5. CCTV help during an emergency:

It helps to locate each and every corner of the school building it helps to easier evacuate the building to the doorway away from the fire.

6. Relief to parents:

Parents can access to the CCTV footage of their children’s school on their mobile phones.

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