CCTV Surveillance System Prevent Theft in Temples

Theft of idols and valuables in various temples across Tamil Nadu has turned out to be a major concern for the state government. A lot of thieves at several temples in Tamil Nadu have outsmarted the best security measures adopted by the endowment department.


Police filed so many theft cases inside the temple, faced with temple staffs ingenuity, the department decides to take new measures the safeguard several centuries-old idols and valuable things at the temple. Temple association hiring armed security personnel to protect some of the temples, the department has gone a step ahead.

The department is not only installing CCTVs inside the halidom(sanctum Sanctorum) of temples in every district must be all temples CCTV controls linking with police control room for increased safety. All the levels of old temples like 150 ‘A’ grade and more than 160 ‘B’ grade temples will be completely covered under this special security drive of the police control room.

Confirming the latest move, the Hindu Religious Endowment Department of Tamil Nadu, told Tamil Nadu police department too has expressed its consent for the new initiative. After CCTV camera technician held detailed discussions with the temple association and the director-general police & presented them with a surveillance system installation plan. This discussion is organized by The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department.

According to the Chennai, police departments decide high-definition CCTV cameras will be installed at all ‘A’ and ‘B’ grade temples in Chennai city.

The Police department introduced a new campaign “Third Eye” for installing CCTV cameras to prevent theft in the city. In 2017 commissioner AK Visvanathan has started the awareness campaign “Third Eye” it will create a huge impact in Chennai city, decreased robbery cases, and prevent lot theft in temples.

Police Utilize strong witness for idols theft in temples. If the moment thief attempts to enter any temples premise, the installed cameras would flash the images and alert the staff for the deployment of personal for action.

About 30+ temples across Tamil Nadu have been installed with CCTVs already, according to the source, and will be linking with police control rooms soon for managing temple security and safety-related activities. Every temple has regular security personnel at the temple, adoption of the latest technology will provide fool-proof system personnel at the temple, basis. This security system not only reduces burden but also focuses on the development initiatives related to temples”, Chennai commissioner explained.

Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department in consultation with the police department is doing the costing for procurement of quality cameras and a well-laid cable network linked with police control rooms.

Temple Eye:

  • Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department will install CCTVs inside the temples in every district.
  • All the 150 ‘A’ grade and more than 160 ‘B’ grade temples will be covered under this special security department drive.
  • All CCTVs lines in a district will be linked to police control rooms.
  • Police at control units can constantly toggle between the images and keep monitoring 24/7.
  • The moment a thief attempts to enter any temple premise, the installed cameras would flash the images and alert the staff for the deployment of personnel for action.

Benefits of Installing CCTV Camera in Temples:

A Temples is the center of religious activities of the Hindus devotee. All the time crowded places where the rich rub shoulders with poor and unable to control theft in crowded times. CCTV Cameras Can now resolve the issue efficiently and while following paragraphs major benefits of installing CCTV surveillance cameras in temples.

Ensure the Safety and Security of the Devotee:

Appropriately focused CCTV cameras installed at restricted places in the temple will help to catch any untoward event taking place within the temple.

Prevent Terrorist Activities:

Terrorists are now targeting schools, colleges, mosques, and temples by fixing time bombs secretly but CCTV installed within the temple when such destructive substances can be removed or deactivated by crime control police personnel.

Identify Criminal Activity:

Installing a CCTV surveillance system within the temple premises discourages criminals from extending their activity for fear of detection and punishment under the CRPC sections.

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