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The third eye plan for CCTV cameras installation in Chennai city. This plan various parts of the city has helped to track down & identify the criminals in a few hours. It’s all operated by the Greater Chennai Police Commissioner A K Viswanathan and team.

When will you start to install CCTV cameras across the Chennai city?

At the end of December 2017, When I met chief minister Edappadi K Palanisami for a briefing regarding the CCTV installation process. The chief minister told me to control crime and that extensive coverage of CCTV cameras would help.

cctv camera chennai

At that time in Chennai city, we installed a few cameras and he suggested police approach residents, shop owners and companies to install facing the road & it’s mandatory.

In Chennai city how many cameras are functioning now?

We started 2017 end and still, we have installed the cameras. Nearly we installed 3.5 Lakh cameras in the city and our specialist team will be monitoring 24/7.

Third eye
Can you please say any horrible incidents where camera footage helped nab offenders?

The last year 2019, the control room received information that man was founded lying in front of tasmac outlet in north Chennai. Suddenly police visited the spot, the man was dead. We don’t have any clue for these incidents in two days.

At the time we plan to find any CCTV Cameras installed nearby residents and the residents even attached the CCTV camera footage which showed two persons moving around the area in a suspicious manner and we catching that two persons file cases.

cctv camera installation in chennai

Another, Bike stolen case we cleared with the help CCTV footage. In thiruvamiyur resident complained that his relatives Black colour royal Enfield bike was stolen from his apartment complex. The resident even attached the CCTV camera footage which showed two persons moving around the area more than 8 times and then we catch up confirmed the bike robbers who are involved a lot of bike missing cases.

How many times CCTV Cameras helped police in bringing culprits to book?

After the third eye campaign(CCTV Camera installation) started the way of police investigations changed totally. Before In the case of the theft, house-breaking, a robbery or any other offence, police had to reply on vehicle checks and they would get someone involved other offence.

In many cases, Police found it difficult to establish the offender’s identity. Now, with cameras across the city, establishing the identity of the offender is very easy, particularly if he is a history-sheeter.

What is the range of the cameras?

Their many cameras we used for outdoor usage and indoor usage. A normal camera capturing 500 metres and other very expensive cameras capturing 1000 metres. The pixel size also varies from camera to camera.

How did you manage to install 3.5 lakh cameras?

The men in uniform meetings conducted with residents association In Chennai city and shops in Chennai and explains the importance of having the “third eye”. People clearly understand our request was convinced and volunteered to install the cameras with the help of CCTV camera dealers.

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