Nowadays, CCTV Camera it’s not legal but also mandatory in some residential and commercial complexes in Chennai city.

Chennai Police department started a campaign for CCTV installations “Thirdeye” since June 2018. Most of the people use CCTV camera for crime deterrent, monitors activities etc.

Legal Consequences Of Housing Society And Public Places To Install CCTV In Chennai:

First of all, according to the real estate act, it is not mandatory to install CCTV cameras in housing societies but the various municipal corporation has passed judgements making it compulsory to install CCTV mandatory in public places not compulsory to install in housing societies. Chennai city police department spread awareness to install a CCTV system in societies for investigation purposes.

CCTV camera installation in Chennai
Thirdeye – CCTV Awareness Campaign

The Police Department After started “thirdeye” campaign spread awareness so make people understand the benefits of installing CCTV cameras. Like, one such campaign was held in Anna Nagar on 28th June 2018.

A.K. Viswanathan, Chennai city police commissioned, addressed the gathering in this campaign himself and said “This is the era of CCTV cameras.

Thirdeye ad release event

CCTV footages have helped city police in cracking many cases from minor milk thefts to organised chain snatchings in the city”. He further stressed that by installing CCTV cameras as per the police norms, people will actually aid in detecting wrongdoings around the city and will quicken the process of arresting the accused. Still, police conducted door-to-door campaign n an effort to make public and commercial establishments set up CCTV cameras.

The civic authorities of Chennai have also been approached to make CCTV installation mandatory for all upcoming buildings. Any building construction or re-construction must have CCTV installation provisions.

80% coverage to all household, shop and building with the help of CCTV and the remaining 20% the department is seeking help from government and welfare organizations. Better installing the high-quality surveillance cameras so that the images and recording help ineffective investigation.

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