IP Cameras are very popular in the security camera industry. You may already own a system or cameras. One of the recurring complaints we hear about CCTV surveillance equipment is difficult to use.

Steps for IP Cameras to NVR Connection Process:

Step 1: Prepare your Camera to be added

You will need to set your IP Camera up to be added via ONVIP Protocol

– To  Configure the CCTV cameras to be accessible from your network

– To Enable the ONVIF protocol and add an ONVIF user

Step 2: Add the IP Camera to an Avalonix NVR

Once you will configure the camera to ONVIF user and then ONVIF protocol is enabled you can now move in to add them to AVALONIX NVR.

– To access the web interface of the NVR


– To Navigate to the Camera Registration screen and click Manual Add

– Manually Add the IP camera


If you don’t receive a green status after some time you will want to review the IP camera’s settings to ensure the ONVIF protocol is enabled and the ONVIF user is created. Must try restarting the NVR and camera if you’ve verified all of the information is correct. You want to make sure the NVR and camera are on the same network and can communicate.

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