Biometric attendance system and access control system one of the greatest solutions to maintain authorized reports.

There is lot latest biometric attendance system available nowadays like fingerprint biometrics, face recognition, palm vein reader and aadhar enabled biometrics.

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Seven benefits for attendance system:

1. Avoiding buddy time punching:

Buddy time punching occurs when one employee asks his/her colleague to clock-in on their behalf. If someone is running late time or has not arrived at the office at the scheduled shift time, so they ask for a colleague to clock-in for them

In this case, the biometric fingerprint attendance system is using to avoid this suspicious activity and biometric characteristics of one co-worker can’t be duplicated, therefore it avoids time theft.

2. No repeated consumable costs:

Over time, fobs and cards get lost and wear needs to be replaced. The Fingerprint attendance system and working hours of employees tracking system reply on an employees biometric information such as fingerprint, vein mapping, the way of in finger presented in order to complete verification and clock-in the employee. This means there are no access card or “fob” replacement cost to bear and the employee’s index finger is never left at home.

3. Authorized Data:

The data automatically stored in database and management if wants data gathered from a biometric time, attendance & access control system is live and trustable data stored. So access data at any time and pinpoint a problem in the office.

Analyzing employees attendance report at any time and quick actions are taken.

4. Perfect Payroll records:

Biometric system recorded accurate employees In-Out(arrival & exit) times. It means some of the corporate 0r private sector companies following terms and conditions for employees attendance & shift timing so they paying each employee based on company terms.

as a reduction in overpayments is a huge cost-saving measure for most business.

5. Growing Company Productivity:

Once started the biometric attendance and access control system, save employee time & provides payroll with accurate labour data and automatically company productivity increased.

6. Configure biometric system based office rules:

Easily configure a biometric system to administer office rules.

7. Biometric Improves Accountability:

Biometric attendance system creates verifiable audit trails that improving accountability and responsibility. This system is able to accurately identify an employee that means who can be held responsible for frequent tardiness, absenteeism, unscheduled breaks and number login and logout per day.

So, the biometric system is more likely accountable and responsible.

Usage of the biometric access control system is the proper way to following workplace rules to whole company employees and it will help to found employees suspicious activities, buddy punching and some other problems”.

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